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About Gwyneth

I have worked in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, with more than 15 years of transportation advocacy leadership as well as land use planning.  Living in Bernal Heights without a car, I take BART and Muni every day; I understand the challenges that riders face with our aging infrastructure and poorly maintained BART stations.

Serving on the Board of SF's Municipal Transportation Agency, I set policy and direction for the SFMTA. This work has given me a deep understanding of the region’s transportation needs and inspires me to fight for more investment in BART’s core infrastructure.  Prior to my time on the Board of the SFMTA, I served on the Mayor's 2030 Transportation Taskforce, which prioritized our transportation needs and examined solutions for funding them.  

As Executive Director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, I work with the public agencies and private companies that compose the complex transportation network in San Francisco from BART and Muni to taxis and ridesharing companies.  Getting workers and diners to and from restaurants is a major issue of importance for economic and neighborhood vitality. GGRA is a strong advocate for late night and early morning transportation, participating in the Late Night Transportation Working Group, which has led to the BART/AC Transit year-long pilot of the All Nighter Bus, which connects workers from some San Francisco BART stations to Oakland BART stations during the hours when BART is not in service. 

Over the years I have done a lot of work in transportation advocacy, from working with the business community to support important regional transportation projects ranging from BART to SFO to high-speed rail.  In 2003, I helped author the city’s Transportation Sales Tax Measure (Prop K), and I was proud to have been instrumental in getting it passed; today’s transportation improvements are being paid for by Prop K

Having been a San Francisco Planning Commissioner, I understand the importance of land use planning and transportation being done together.  We cannot locate people and jobs without considering the impact or need for transportation infrastructure to get workers and residents to places they need to frequent in their daily lives.  And we must be sure that new BART stations are built with access to other regional transportation providers and be multimodal.  

If elected, I’ll focus on improving BART’s core infrastructure, including cleaning and maintaining BART stations, keeping elevators and escalators running, updating its technology so that it can operate more efficiently, planning for the second transbay tube, work on more affordable fares, and supporting expansion plans that are responsive to our housing and job growth plans and improve our regional transportation network.  I hope you will join me in focusing on maintaining and improving our critical transportation infrastructure.  We cannot build more roads, but we can increase capacity in our multimodal transportation network to keep everyone moving safely.